Question on Superworms for my Pet Turtles?

Topic: Has anyone breed superworms or is still breeding them? I have a 13 x 14 x 25 inch box with 2 inches of oatmeal for them, I have a carrot in there, a bunch of toilet paper rolls for more room in climbing, but I catch one of the superworms cannibalizing another one. Am I doing something wrong?


@Reply: On a side note they will never turn to beetles if you keep them with the superworms. You’ll need to setup a place where they are alone..

I use those plastic tackle boxes with the dividers. Fill the little boxed areas with coconut coir and keep moist and place 1 worm in each box. Give the a bit and check daily. For beetles. Then place in a new tank area to allow then to breed.

@Reply: Basically work them like mealworms.

@Reply: I have the whole basic superworm colony up and working, but the ones that I have for feeding and extras for me to use to later use them to turn them into beetles later, those are the ones that are sometimes eating each other.

@Reply: I have a 3 storage container “Beetle, baby, feeders” Oatmeal, carrots,and toilet paper rolls in each container, tackle box to turn more superworms into beetles.

@Reply: Ah. Well sometimes they are cannibalistic. Maybe add some new stuff to their diet aside from oats and carrots… maybe more protien rich stuff.. I’ve read people will use good quality dog food that could add some protien to their diet and stop them from cannibalizing each other. Maybe more water filled veggies like celery, romaine letruce, potatoes. And rotate each week…

@Reply: How often should I feed my turtles live food?(superworms).

@Reply: Superworms I feed once every 2-3 weeks.

@Reply: What have you been trying so far? Superworms are to large for hatchling imo… have you tried ghost shrimp? Those are normally perfect for hatchings.

@Reply: Idk anyone that sells young supers but I guess that’s true… mealworms would work. But you need to crush their heads before feeding as the worms can bite the hatchling and that can cause some serious damage…

@Reply: should I start cutting the head off of the supers for my turtles? they are about 2-3 years old and the older one is 8 years old.

@Reply: I only worry about younger turtles my 2 (4″ and 6.5″) do just fine without me crushing the heads for babies though their skin is still really soft.

@Reply: So I saw this at our pet store the other day, a little plastic fish that you can put turtle pellets in and the turts knock it around to make the food come out through the holes. Wanted to see what my turts would do with it smile emoticon I have my four separated in two bins right now, so tried it with my big YBS girl and mediums sized RES. Put it in after a mealworm treat, and my YBS who is 18 was in a eating frenzy so she didn’t pay attention to it at first and I threw in additional pellets in the water. Afterwards we noticed the RES knocking around the fish to get the pellets out, and eventually she or both of them got them all out. Hehe…making my turtles think