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The Cambridge Cavy Trust is an anmal hospital with a helpline and emergency line. Please note that they are a charity, and rely heavily on volunteers.

Membership is a year (no consultation fee for animals).  Animals are available to adopt.

Cambridge Animal Trust

Leewood Business Park
Becker, Main
Cambs Suite 602

Location Hours:
Mon-Fri by previous appointment only
Saturday 12-1pm no appointment required

The easiest way to contact our team is via email. Please visit the contact page and send an email our way. Expect a reply email within a couple business days.

If you are not already a member, PLEASE JOIN.  CCT is a charity and relies heavily on donations and volunteers. Membership is a year, there is no consultation fee for rodents and dental work and routine animal care is done FREE OF CHARGE.

Please remember to enclose a stamped, addressed envelope if you write to the CCT.

If you are interested in learning more about guinea pigs, the British Association of Rodentologists (BAR)  run courses and lectures.  The course covers:

Part Oone: Anatomy

Part Two: Physiology

Part Three: Pharmacokinetics