Pet Turtle will Only Eat Mealworms and Pellets?

Topic: Having some trouble getting my pink belly to eat anything besides pellets and mealworms. I’ve tried soaking her veggies in tuna juice, and even made shell health jello shots. She won’t eat anything! Stubborn and picky. Any advice or suggestions??


@Reply: Pink Bellys have a more carnivorous diet than your typical slider/map/painted turtle. Their natural diet usually consists of roughly twice as much animal matter as vegetable matter. You can try the tough love approach if you’re determined to get her eating veggies, but as long as she’s eating a quality pellet, she should be getting most of her required nutrients. You can leave a piece of lettuce or similar leafy greens floating in her water and if she’s hungry enough, she’ll eat it. Mine eat mainly pellets, fish and invertebrates like earthworms, superworms, crickets and snails every second day. I occasionally find them taking a nibble out of the lettuce, but not often.

@Reply: Another way of sneaking more vegetables into her diet might be to mix a bit of box turtle food into her pellets, as it’s usually more plant-based than aquatic turtle pellets.

@Reply: Same here with my common snapping turtle any suggestions?

@Reply: Pink belly’s are primarily insectivorous and eat what ever is in their environment like mollusks and other critters found in the river. They really have no specific captive diet requirements. There are many opinions regarding diet, but I do recommend the greens and protein diet similar to the other aquatic turtles. Maybe not as leafy as the slider but not as carnivorous as the snapper.

@Reply: Do you have carnivorous jello shot recipes that include greens? Maybe I can trick her

@Reply: Dang it Ambrosia, you are not leaving this table until you finish your dinner!

@Reply: Hello I currently have a 5 1/2 inch painted turtle. This is my first turtle and was wondering if I can get some advice and make sure I am caring for it properly. I have a 29 gall tank it has a layer of large river rocks on bottom he likes to play with, a medium sized dock to get up under his basking lamp and I have another uv lamp next to it these lamps are 7in above the waters surface, I have an internal filter that is a i40 tetra wisper, and a heater set at 78 degrees, I bought 2 different kinds of pellet food and mealworms and river shrimp that I combined all together and that is all he will eat I try giving him little bits of veggies like romaine, kale ect. but wont touch them, is he getting enough nutrition? I plan on putting it in its permanent home a 75 gallon tank do u think its big enough for a full grown turtle? I have lots of questions and would like to chat with people and get their advice and experiences thanks!