Pet Hedgehog Will Only Eat Mealworms?

Topic: Hi everyone. Were new to Hedgie parenting. We decided to rescue a female hedgie from a pet store, literally on the fly because she just seemed sad, back in a corner, put away, no attention being given to her, living in a fish aquarium with a food dish and water. That’s it.

She’s home with us now, were handling her daily, but we realize it’s going to take alot of time, which is OK, we want to give this girl the best. Her diet was horrible. All she had ever been fed is mealworms!!! They SAID she eats Hedgie food, but she won’t touch the stuff!! Only mealworms.. We’ve tried giving her cooked eggs, mushrooms, countless fruits and veggies and she will NOT eat them!! Not sure what to do!! Advise PLEASE!!!


@Reply: Try a little cat food – dry kibble (30-33% protein is best, with fat 12% or less depending on weight issues) is a common food most hogs like or will adapt to. Also some moist cat food – even finicky hedgehogs will usually give that a try. “Hedgie food” is usually not that great – for some reason, people who make food marketed directly for hedgehogs don’t seem to get the protein high enough, or too much fat, or have way more grain than meats. You can also try a few veggies, just to widen the palet – just can’t make it a major part of the diet.

@Reply: definitely put a dry kibble (above advice on type was great) in there with her. It will take her a few nights to try it, probably. I advice counting the pieces you put in and then seeing what is left the next morning. Say, 30 pieces. Once she starts eating it you can increase to 1.5 – 2 TBSP a night. If she is not overweight, you can free feed once she gets in the habit of eating kibble. You need to cut back on the mealies for now or else she won’t be tempted to eat the kibble. Sort of like us if we were offered a choice between mcdonalds and broccoli.

@Reply: Thank you all for your help! I’m going to order her a high quality kibble and also try some wet cat food ASAP, I’m hoping she’ll try it. Do you all think I should remove ALL mealworms? When I remove them, so far, she will not try anything else. I worry about her starving herself. would she do that to herself??

@Reply: I got mine due to the same situation. He was in a tiny aquarium with a water bottle, on some wood chips. He had mites and was quite a chunk of hedgehog. I’ve gotten him to try some other foods on rare occasion, but usually he’ll just go around new food and dig out his cat food. I don’t think she’ll starve herself, that’s simply not something they are known to do. I wish you good luck!

@Reply: just remember that wet cat food is only a treat.

@Reply: Ground hamburger meat no seasoning.

@Reply: Thanks everyone, I’ll never understand how humans can treat any creature so poorly, but sadly, since we work with Dachshund rescue, I see it every damn day. We are determined to get our little girl on a normal, HEALTHY diet, she’s so damn beautiful, I just want to love the hell out of her, but she just won’t allow it… All in time.

@Reply: awww!!!! she is precious, boil chicken brest and pinch off tiny pieces and feed it to her in a tiny plate and see if she eats that, my hedgie loves that along with meal worms, also try baby food to and see if she likes it.