How Many Mealworms to Feed Baby Hedgehog?

Topic: I picked up my baby hedgehog the beginning of January and have had everyday time for 2 weeks and she still huffs at me when i wake her up to play, will this be an all the time thing or think she’ll settle down on this? i just want to know what to expect. She finally ate a mealworm a week ago and now loves them – how many do you usually give them? I’ve been giving her 2 a day as treats to let her know i come in peace lol. She’s 11 weeks old now.


@Reply: they can bond with you and get more comfortable with time and lots of handling but it’s completely normal, hedgehogs are naturally defensive prey animals. you can put a tshirt that smells like you in her cage. and just be confident with handling to show her you’re not afraid you haven’t had her for long, some take months to come around. just be confident and keep handling her! also she may get cranky with quilling, don’t take it personally!feeding hedgehog

@Reply: Have you tried picking her up and taking her out after she’s been awake? I notice that my baby is pretty grumpy whenever I wake her up and takes longer to get her to open up. At night when I turn off the light and give her 30 min to an hour to wake up, she doesn’t huff and is much more friendly.

@Reply: i’ve read and read tons but didnt know if it’s something i just need to expect or get used to.. i try not to jump when she huffs but sometimes i do cuz she scares me!! and i’ve noticed she’s been “shedding quills” – do they always do that or just baby’s? i’m scared to cut her little toe nails, i have two cats and i was expecting their nails to be like cats but they are tiny human nails lol, super cute but a struggle to cut, i dont get to all of them all the time.

@Reply: i wash her feet daily, i talk to her every morning sometimes i think she hates me haha, my husband talks to her everyday too. every evening i take her out and was told that they usually poo about 2 minutes after waking up, so i wake her up, give her a meal worm or lettuce or some treat (this takes about 5 minutes), put her in the litter box wait til she poos, eats a little, drinks a little, then put her in the sink to clean her feet off, she doesnt seem like she likes the water, i use a spinning toothbrush to get all the poo outta her paws, if i gave her 30 minutes she’s go right back to sleep, i try to put her on my lap at night in a crown royal bag (haha) with fleece, she digs for 20 minutes and might settle down to sleep..

@Reply: my first girl is an explorer not a cuddler, I handle her and she tolerates me but she loves running around my bedroom way better. if I lie down she runs all over me. just be confident and don’t let her intimidate you >:)

@Reply: (Completely joking and not to be taken the least bit seriously) If someone woke me up because they wanted to play, I’d be mad at them too; unless they brought me coffee, so try that.

@Reply: oh she’s exactly like me in the mornings.. i hate mornings and am grumpy.. i always wake her with treats so she gets used to me.. i can’t help but jump sometimes when she huffs and i’m trying not to but she freaks me out sometimes lol this is my first hedgie!

@Reply: i just want her to like me and play.. she sleeps all dang day.. sometimes i wonder if she sleeps too much.. her cage is at 80 degrees in one spot and probably 75 at the other end.

@Reply: but how many meal worms do you feed yours at a time?

@Reply: Miley sleeps most of the day and usually wakes about 10 pm she runs on her wheel till after 12 then snacks. She drove me crazy while I was recovering from a surgery all night I hear pitter patter of her feet running on her wheel.

@Reply: at least shes not climbing her cage….