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If you have a story that you feel is worth sharing make sure to send it to us. We love sharing awesome animal related stories (not to mention just reading ourselves). Jump on over to the contact page and send it on over via email. Listed below are articles we feel are worth a read. Insects are just a small portion of the animalia kingdom. Let us know what you think and hopefully you enjoy them.

Newest & Up to Date:

Animal Vets Finding Diseases in Water

It seems we just keep finding more and more problems occurring in the animal kingdom.. Is it because of things humans do or is this the natural way of what is suppose to occur? Any how, this is an amazing article that goes through some in depth info on the different variables they are finding diseases in fish and water in general. Quite an interesting read if you ask me.

New Virus Found being Spread by Insects

Not saying that this is total news because the idea of things like this happening has been around for quite some time but this specific piece is a great read. They are finding that certain species of fish eating a certain worm are contracting a disease from it. Could this of natural causes or is this something else that humans have added to the spectrum of variables for animals to inhibit. Sometimes animals don’t have a say in what we do to their living environments. It’s very sad but completely true.

Some Crazy Info on Animals and Vaccines

The topic of vaccines being tested on animals has been around for ages and this is more of it. We feel its a bit different though because the animals being tested are actually living in water.. yes they are fish! Pretty crazy right? Fishkeepers have found that their fish are getting sick and dying and what not better than to test our some medications on them. This may actually be the good side of testing vaccines on animals because they are already sick and could possibly die.