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Even though this resource is strictly devoted to an insect, we are purely a pet and animal related family. It’s important to completely understand animals before we take the step to take care of them as pets. Thus being the reason this resource was created. Mealworms are a huge role to our ecosystem because they help feed so many different animals. If you have pet birds, reptiles, and fish.. you need to understand this insect thoroughly.

This resource is going to have some main goals and aims. The first aim will be to educate the general public about mealworms in general and what they are to this ecosystem. Second aim will be to help understand them as food for certain pets. The general aim here is all related down to educating the public on this insect.

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Welcome to Colorado’s Reptile Rescue

Reptiles and amphibians are fascinating creatures to keep as pets. Unfortunately, not everyone is equipped to take care of them properly, so the animals end up abandoned, abused, or left to fend for themselves in the wild. This is where the Rocky Mountain Reptile Rescue comes in!

Is your snake getting too large for you to handle? Is your reptile starting to be aggressive towards your family? Did your kids lose interest in their pet? We can help! Rocky Mountain Reptile Rescue accepts abused and unwanted species of reptiles including snakes, lizards, turtles, tortoises, and amphibians to help them recover and find forever homes.

Whenever there are scaly friends in need of a new home, the Rocky Mountain Reptile Rescue is here to help. We will take in sick, unwanted, hurt, or abused reptiles, nurse them back to health, and help them find a loving forever home. We are located in the Denver metro area, but can travel to wherever there is an animal in need.